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ShoreTel IP Phone Systems

ShoreTel is the fastest growing IP PBX company worldwide and the industry leader in customer satisfaction. ShoreTel's unique architectural approach to IP telephony delivers unmatched reliability, scalability and manageability, plus a user interface that sets the standard for ease-of-use.

ShoreTel telephone systems are very advanced, but equally important, they are very easy to use office phones. ShoreTel's flexibility allows the office phone system to be tailored to the way a business works and upgraded and enhanced, as business needs change. There are several members of the ShoreTel Office Phone System family from the compact small business systems to enterprise IP telephone system capable of up to 10,000 extensions.

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Ensuring we can tailor a ShoreTel Phone System to your needs. There are 10 ShoreTel system phones in the range which can be easily programmed to suit individual needs. By connecting a ShoreTel voice processing system, the ShoreTel phone system can be programmed to answer calls, take messages and pass messages on – accurately, professionally, 24 hours a day.

ShoreTel has an office phone to suit every job. All ShoreTel office phones have digital displays showing the time and date. All but the most basic ShoreTel office phones can be easily programmed by the user to meet their personal office phone preferences and offer hands-free operation with optional headsets.

For intensive use - the ShoreTel Unified Communications Manager is The ShoreTel Office Phone most people prefer. The ShoreTel Office Phone is ideal if you make and receive lots of calls. With the same Windows controller or desktop phone and soft key functionality, speed dial keys are available on the The ShoreTel Office Phone, plus memory keys for line access or frequently used features. This ShoreTel Office Phone is easily flexible enough to meet most needs.

We also provide repair and exchange systems for the following ShoreTel Telephone Systems and ShoreTel System components:

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For operators and administrators - the ShoreTel Call Manager office phone has a multiple line display which prompts the user to use certain office phone functions using special 'softkeys' that respond to the screen.

The ShoreTel Office Phone Memory keys give access to up to many more features, lines or extensions. The ShoreTel Office Phone LCD indicators show when lines or extensions are busy. The ShoreTel Office Phone capabilities can be extended by adding Central Answering Position modules, designed for operators managing incoming calls on larger ShoreTel phone systems.

The ShoreTel IP Office Phone System is a completely distributed, modular voice communication solution with no single point of failure that is layered on top of your IP network. The ShoreTel IP Telephones have a modern elegant style, which are easy to use. At the heart of the system is the standards-based Distributed IP Voice Architecture, which uniquely distributes call control intelligence to voice switches connected anywhere on the IP network. In addition, the Shoreline architecture distributes voice applications – including voicemail and automated attendant - to servers across locations, rather than centralizing applications at the network core.


The resultant solution provides a single image system for all locations and all voice applications. Gone are the days of multiple PBXs, multiple voice mail systems, multiple automated attendants, multiple ACD systems—all with their unique management interfaces. The Shoreline system is distributed, the voice applications are bundled, and the management interface is integrated—finally, somebody got it right.