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Top Ten reasons why the Earth needs Earth Friendly Moving.

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We deliver environmental consciousness in a environmental friendly recyclable box. Yes that's right, we don't involve you with cardboard or cutting down trees. We're a green eco-friendly business that your mom or dad may have warned you about. We're taking lots of plastic trash that you throw away everyday to make these amazing electric lime green boxes that we call recopacks.

We'll deliver your green moving packs direct to your garage on our fleet of vegetable oil powered trucks! You pack, stack, move and when you're done just call us and we'll come and pick'em up from your new garage, apartment or home. If you live on the 2nd floor or higher, we enter an elevator, have a super long carry or load them directly into your place, we do have to charge you a bit extra for the service so we're covered and you're super happy. We really don't like surprises and neither should you, so we collect payment upon delivery. It's that simple. It's moving made simple. Isn't that how it should be? Make one call, save a tree and move on with your life? Without trees, we're all fish out of water! Think green, go green, move green, save green!

America is a country on the move. One fifth of all Americans – 20 percent – move every year! That means that the average U.S. resident will move a total of 16 times over their lifetime – about once every five years! That’s a lot of moving!

The way America moves hasn’t changed in over 233 years. America prides itself on its resourcefulness and ingenuity - but we’ve adapted and accepted the use of archaic, inefficient and environmentally destructive packing and moving products such as cardboard boxes, petroleum-based bubble wrap and Styrofoam to pack, protect and move our property.

The way America moves is bad for our earth. The reality is, that we’re cutting down to many trees to make all these cheap cardboard boxes and wasting our oil making disposable bubble wrap! Most people indiscriminately toss out these materials after unpacking and the problem perpetuates itself as more materials enter the landfill and more valuable natural resources are consumed to replace the materials needed to pack and move. It’s a vicious cycle of destructive ecological and environmental behavior! The bottom line is, we’re wasting our limited natural resources expanding our overburdened landfills. That’s not a good thing for YOU and this Earth!

Earth Friendly Moving is out to change the way America packs and moves. We’ve created the world’s first comprehensive, (DIY) do-it-yourself, environmentally friendly, zero-waste packing and moving system developed entirely from recyclable trash mined from local landfills! Not only does this new system help save Earth, it offers customers’ an immediate and tangible time, effort, and money savings in the process! It’s a win-win solution for everyone!

The RecoPack [ Recycled Ecological Packing Solution]. Instead of buying cheap disposable cardboard boxes, which typically get thrown away after just one move, Earth Friendly Moving, delivers direct to your door, the reusable RecoPack™, short for the [Recycled Ecological Packing Solution]. It’s an earth friendly, time and money saving alternative to the disposable cardboard box. Finally we have a solution! Conceived and Invented by Spencer Brown, specifically for Earth Friendly Moving, the RecoPack is a system of lightweight, stackable containers, available in five consumer friendly sizs!

The Recopack is made from all of those hard-to-recycle colorful plastic bottles located under your kitchen sink, laundry room and garage shelves - like bleach bottles, household cleaning products, dishwashing and laundry detergent. This hard-to-recycle plastic trash is removed from America’s landfills and then cleaned, sorted, scrubbed, and then ground into a billion little pieces. It takes 74 of these plastic bottles to make one RecoPack container and it will last for a very long time! When you do the math- we have removed over 740,000 bottles to make the first 10,000 Recopacks! Image one million Recopacks... spread the word and we’ll be there in no time!

Earth Friendly Moving helps you save the Earth. For every 100 RecoPack containers we manufacture, Earth Friendly Moving removes an average of 256 pounds of trash from the country’s landfills! This translates into 7,400 hard-to-recycle plastic bottles, 600 used diapers, 83 pounds of paper, 13 pounds of hydro carbons,and 64 pounds of carbon dioxide. It also saves three healthy green trees from being cut down and made into disposable packing products like cardboard boxes! To complete the 4 R’s of the environmental cycle [ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish ], for every 100 Recopacks rented per household, Earth Friendly Moving plants a new tree on behalf of our customer! That’s another way to grow our business-one tree at a time!

Earth Friendly Moving strives to operate the most environmentally responsible operation possible. All Earth Friendly Moving sales vehicles and mobile delivery trucks are powered by a combination of bio-diesel and vegetable oil to minimize our daily carbon emissions and impact. We also equipped each delivery truck to generate, store and convert the vegetable powered electrical energy from DC to AC, to make a replacement for bubble wrap. It’s called Geami™ which means “friend of the earth” and this protective packing paper looks like honey comb and it’s made from recycled cardboard boxes. It’s made right on the truck, in front of your residence and delivered direct to your door!

We also took the extra steps to print all Earth Friendly Moving sales brochures and collateral with non-toxic, soy-based inks on 100-percent post-consumer waste fiber manufactured with alternative wind power and certified by Green Seal® and the Rainforest Alliance’s Smart Wood program to meet Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.

Earth Friendly Moving customers save time. Without the need for cardboard box shopping, assembly, taping, breakdown and disposal; customers using Earth friendly Moving’s RecoPacks save an average of 37 hours during their move, based on a 1,500-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bath residence.

Earth Friendly Moving customers save money. Earth friendly moving customers save an estimated 50 percent of the cost of cardboard boxes and other packing products, as well as the gas needed to shop and pick-up supplies. Renting for a buck a box a week- that’s less than 15 cents a day!

It’s easy to get started. Just call ... 888 303-9798. We will reserve your RecoPacks and other packing and moving supplies. We’ll deliver them direct to your door and you’ll save time, money and Earth! It’s moving made simple!