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Office Moving Tips & Guide (OMTG)is an ebook, which is chock full of useful tips for moving a business office.

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Our Office Moving Tips & Guide have been assembled from a variety of business professionals with a wealth of office moving experiences and moving tips. Whether your business office is small or large, moving can be expensive, complex, tedious and laborious. Typically the planning of your move is equally as important as the execution of your move. Likewise, preparing a well-written Request For Quotation (RFQ) that you provide for your prospective movers and service providers is equally as important as selecting your mover.

These basic principals apply to moving your home or office. OMTG is full of house moving tips and moving tips for an office and/or business. In addition to our moving guide, we offer MovePro a complete moving plan software application for those who need thorough project planning and management tools for more complex office moving.

Some Moving Tips & Moving Check List From Office Moving Tips & Guide!

  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: When choosing a new location for your business consider the availability of people needed to fulfill your workforce requirements. Also, consider the proximity of your competition or other businesses that require a similar workforce.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Whether you require an office, technology, industrial, or all of the above, select a mover with the appropriate experience. Avoid using mover(s) with only residential or household moving experience.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Consider the cost and difficulty of assembly and disassembly before buying office furniture and modular wall/furniture components.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Check with the local municipal government of your new location for civil code that requires a permit if your street will be obstructed during the move. Alternately, you may wish to consider including permit costs into your contract with your mover. Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Consider hiring a Moving Consultant or Project Manager if you cannot assemble an appropriate team for the size or complexity of your move.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Choose moving cartons between 1.5 and 2.0 cubic feet in volume; anything larger could be too heavy for employees to move safely without injuring themselves. According to the National Safety Council, 70% of all worker compensation claims are from back injuries caused by lifting.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Your computer or technology equipment should be wrapped and secured in bubble-packaging material as opposed to furniture pads.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Consult with your vendor or manufacturer of your copier equipment or laser printer regarding the proper method for transport of these devices. Often the manufacturers of this type of equipment recommend that you remove the toner, chemical or specific other components before you move the equipment.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Ask your mover how they will protect your flooring, carpeting and doorways during the move out of your existing location and the move into your new location.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Before emptying lateral file cabinets and file drawers, ask your mover if they are capable of transporting your filing systems intact, without scrambling its content or damaging the file system structure. If your file system is large and complex, consider contacting your vendor or manufacturer regarding transit issue.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Instead of emptying, packing, and unpacking desk contents, consider using special inflatable or non-destructive and light-weight fillers to immobilize contents during transit.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: Label all items, furniture, boxes, bags and other packages. Label on the top and at least one side of each package. It's a good idea to mark which 'end is up' on boxes and packages. Plus, appropriately mark 'FRAGILE' packages.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: In advance of your move, determine how many office keys you will need at your new location and order them from your Property Manager, landlord or locksmith.
  • Moving Tip, Add to your Moving Check list: If your Building Manager or Property Manager recommends one mover for the location that you are moving into, it is wise to get at least two others.
  • Use ProjectPro as a project management tool to track all of the important task of your move.

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